Month: September 2019

  • My first Pokémon regionals

    This weekend I went to my first Pokémon regionals. It took forever but then it was over .then I checked what plays I was in. I had gotten 31 it was awesome.

  • Sciences

    Today I had science at school . I planted in the garden at my school .I planted rainbow cabbage. It was fun. It’s going to grow very soon, and I’m going to try it.

  • The music class

    This morning I went to my music class.I played the piano.And I played Lucy locket lost her was fun .then it was over.

  • The board game

    Today i played a board game. I played with my friends .the game was sorry.We played for a long time .I lost .

  • My play date.

    I went to Reeves’s house after school. Then we played uno. I won the first game. He won the second. Then his nanny, Alex, played and she lost.