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  • Parts of a computer by Luka

    There are many parts of a computer here are some. One big part of a computer is the motherboard the motherboard is we’re you plug in all your electronics cause that is the main source of power one company that sells the motherboard is intel they sell it for 122$. Another important part is the…

  • What I am grateful for.

    I am really thankful for all this stuff I know not everyone has.One thing is Pokémon cards and my dad being committed to playing with me. Another thing is my school and friends. Finally I am thankful for my family. I am so greatful to have these things.

  • Paragraph about my body

    I do not love my body. These are some of the changes I want to make. One thing is I want to lose weight. Another thing is I want to gain muscle all around my body. Finally I want to workout on a more regular basis. Also this will make me a better quarterback. These…

  • You have just arrived in the first hotel on the moon how was your trip.

    The way you get to the moon is super cool you ride in this train like thing that goes at the light speed. It is hard to see anything but you can see all the countries. Once you get there it’s so cool you can jump so high. You can sleep all day if you…

  • Lions v panthers

    The panthers won with a shut out the final is 20-0. The lions threw a 50 yard pass caught for a touchdown but they was a flag illegal formation so they didn’t get the touchdown. The panthers hade two turnovers and the lions hade 1turnover. This is the only time in two years the lions…

  • Today

    My sisters friend came up yesterday my sister saw for the first time today. We walked to a new Mexican restaurant. Then me my sister and her friend walked home on are own. And then she came over to go swimming. Then we came back to my house and then they changed and left. Then…

  • The hardy boys Trouble at the arcade

    In the beginning frank was practicing for the video game tournament. Next his mom told him to find his brother to set the table for dinner. Then he went into his back yard and looked in a bush and it was actually a forest with a tree house and the ladder was down which was…

  • I won my first league challenge

    A league is a place we’re you can get world championship points .i won this year because I did not use my gx,s. I did not only attched to my gx

  • Halloween

    last Thursday it was Halloween.myFriends took me trick or treating.i Got a lot of candy .

  • Bowling

    I went bowling today it was fun. i ate a hot dog and fries. it felt like forever. Then in the last frame I lost by one point .

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