Meet Melih Önvural -

Photo credit: Micky Onvural

A father

The best part of everyday - my three children. To keep up with our crazy lives follow us here - melih onvural | family man

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A husband

One day - in October 2009 - I heard a laugh carry across the office. Little did I know then how profoundly the woman behind that laugh would change my life. Almost ten years later, the stories keep coming. Keep track of them here - melih onvural | family man

A product whisperer

It started in a small office behind RDU airport in the Summer of 2004. Then - with stops in Lynchburg, San Jose, and San Mateo - I made it to San Francisco. Whether at TokBox, my kitchen table, Hearsay, or in the many sketchbooks throughout our Brooklyn home, you'll find me tinkering, building, refining, and launching. To see how - melih onvural | builder.

A storyteller

My medium is photography. I'm pretty awful, but I love it anyway. If you want to see some snaps, here's the place to go - melih onvural | photographer.

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All musings are my own

If I haven't scared you away yet, you can check out more of my rambling here - melih onvural | thoughts. It's a time in history where we need to write. To get out of our own heads, and to share with the world around us. This is my attempt to live out that philosophy one random blog post at a time.

Thanks for stopping by.

Photo credit: Micky Onvural