a law school conversation

The second post in the Photos vs. Words series. I sent Will this story. His photo is below.

A Law School Conversation

See, this was the exact sort of thing I didn’t want to be a part of, but because I was in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time I got sucked in. I was sitting in the courtyard reading my book about a Dominican man’s messed up sex life when this girl from my class glided past me like a magic trick, and, before even taking a second to sit down or shift the bag on her shoulder, started yapping at the girl on my right who was nose deep in her studies.

I looked up from my book as best I could to make an impression, but that didn’t stop them from talking. If I’m being god-honest with myself they probably didn’t even notice. They were definitely the kind of females to not notice a guy reading a book.

“Oh, are you studying,” the standing one said. Her name was Sally, and she looked like a Sally, too. Pearls and everything.

“I have to get it done before class, yeah,” the studyer said. She was a girl named Anna-Marie but we all called her Amy, really for no reason except that it was something to do. She was the prettier one but she had less confidence.

“I always do mine in the morning,” Sally said.

“Yeah,” Amy said, “I’m not really a morning person.” She laughed after she said it, god only knows why.

“I wake up by seven and I’m usually in here by eight. That way I can take advantage of the free coffee and get the homework done before class and have my afternoons free.” Sally had both hands on the strap of her French purse. I’d seen what she kept in there, and it led me to understand that she possessed very strong shoulders.

“Oh, that’s smart. I usually try to get it done the night before.”

“I remember it better if I do it in the morning.”

“That’s true,” Amy said. “Sometimes I forget.” She laughed again. “Sometimes I just won’t do it, though, if I leave it to the morning.”

“Oh, see, I force myself. I have very strong willpower.”

“Lucky,” Amy said.

“Well, I really don’t think it’s a matter of luck. In fact, I don’t think luck has anything to do with it at all. I’ve always had strong willpower. My father said that I was the most stubborn child he’d ever seen. And he was principal of a private school in Chicago for eight years.” Sally readjusted the strap on her shoulder. “Not to be completely blunt about it, but I think I could probably make myself do just about anything if I really wanted to.”

“Not me.” Amy laughed again. She must’ve really been in a mood, or something, to be laughing at everything like that. “I can’t even go to bar review anymore or else I’m a complete mess the next day.”

Sally looked past Amy’s shoulder and frowned, which was a very bad look for her, worse than everything she already had going on. “I went last week and it was ok. I was only there for an hour.”

“See,” Amy breathed deeply, “if I go I end up drinking more and staying out later than what’s good for me.” The sun had found her from in between thumb leaves and made it obvious to anyone who looked that she was lovely. “I can’t only drink one beer and leave even though I really wish I could.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I did last week. I had one beer and then left. It was pretty fun.” Sally stopped as if a memory very much beneath her had suddenly dawned on her. “Yeah, I didn’t think I saw you there,” she said, not in the most curious tone. “It was actually really fun. Actually, the funniest thing happened that night. I can’t believe you missed it.”

“Dangit,” Amy said. “I knew that would happen. What was it?”

“You didn’t hear about what happened that night?”

“No, I don’t think so. You’re not talking about Teddy are you?”

Sally nodded, slowly.

“Oh my god. You weren’t there when it happened were you?”

If she wasn’t such an ogre you wouldn’t have even been able to tell Sally was nodding, it was that slow.

“You didn’t see it happen did you?”

Sally shifted her big fat French bag from one shoulder to the other. “Girl, you’re gonna need to sit down for this.”

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    The picture fits really well actually, and I really enjoyed the story 🙂