Ways to earn money to buy Pokémon cards

I need to earn money to buy cards for my upcoming tournament. Here are five ideas I have for how to do that:

1. Do chores

To earn money for Pokémon cards I could do chores. Some chores I could do are make my bed,do the laundry, and make my lunch for school.

2. Lemonade stand

Another way I can earn money is a lemonade stand. I could make the lemonade on a hot day 🥵 and sell it in little cups for a dollar.

3. Sell other cards

Another way I could make money is sell old cards on places like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook market place.

4. Help my parents

One unique way I could earn money is to help my parents do their chores – such as empty a packing box, help my parents with setting up stuff in the new house, and help them pack for moving house.

5. Bet on sports

On the weekend to make money, I will bet on sports with my dad and I get a cut of the bet every time we win.

I hope I can make make enough money for my Pokémon cards.






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