A letter to my future football self

Dear 2023 Luka,

The new season is about to start. I know you’re excited and nervous. Here’s what you need to remember about last season:

  • Trust your teammates

Last year you tried to trust your teammates more. It worked sometimes, but not all the time. Here’s an example- I trusted my teammate when I threw the ball up to William and he jumped over someone and caught it. When I trust my teammates, they make plays. But when I don’t, like when I did not throw the ball to someone short who was open because I did not think they would get the first down, it does not work out. This is why you should trust your teammates.

  • Go through your pre-snap motions

Your pre-snap motions help you understand how the play will develop. Remember – approach the center, call the cadence, look up over the center, decode the defense, and execute the play. I know that’s a lot, but when you follow these steps, you will succeed. I did not do this very well this year. I know you will.

  • Make quick decisions

Ok. You’ve gone through your pre-snap motions. Now what? Here’s what I want you to learn from my season. Make quick decisions. What does that mean? It means knowing the play and knowing what routes receivers are on so that you do not get sacked or run out of time. What else? It means trusting your teammates. See how important that is?

  • Take a deep breath

You are the leader of your team. They need you to act calm even when you are in a bad position to win. Meaning not freaking out and yelling at teammates. So something you have to do is keep your cool in hard scenarios. How can you do this you ask? Take a deep breath because deep breaths make you calm.

  • Have fun

Don’t forget you are meant to have fun. The reason you play is to have fun. So it’s important to not get too serious because if you are too serious and you lose you feel worse than if you are having fun. So there is no point in being serious because being serious is not as fun.






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