Choosing my deck for Orlando

I have chosen a deck for the Orlando regional championships!

I’m assuming the tournament meta will be 75% lugia, 10% Regis, 10% lost raquaza and 5% random decks.

I was considering 2 decks:

  • Regis (which I played in Toronto)
  • Lost Box Raquaza

Based on my assumptions and the decks I was considering, I chose Regis.

The reason I chose this deck is based on my assumption that 75% of the tournament will be Lugia. Regis beats Lugia 9 out of 10 times whereas the lost raquaza only beats lugia 6 out of 10 times. So that means I have a higher point value with Regis. Regis also has more point value vs the 5% random decks and the other 20% of Regis and lost Raquaz. Lost Raquaza does not win against those decks as often.

So all this leads me to think that Regis will get 15 points and lost Raquaza will get 12 points making Regis the correct choice for this tournament.






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