Jaguar Preserve in Belize

Yesterday we went to a Jaguar Preserve. There we saw lots of cool things. First of all the Jaguar Preserve is in Belize where me and my family are on spring break.

We woke up early in the morning so that we could eat breakfast before we went. Then we ate and got picked up. From the resort, it was a 45 minute drive to the Jaguar Preserve where we would learn some amazing things.

Once we got there, it was like a rainforest with all the different trees. The first thing we stopped to see was these bird nests that hung from the trees! These beautiful yellow breasted birds were flying all around their nest. Then the guide took us a little farther up the road to a plane wreck that had taken place in 1984. The man in the plane was Dr. Allen who was brought to Belize from New York shortly after they gained independence to study jaguars. He was not injured, but his crew mates had minor injuries. After that we arrived at the river trail.

Once we were there, we went to the museum where we learned about the preserve. After that we started walking the trail. Once we left we got to the river quite quickly. Then we were rafting for 45 minutes when we finally got to the end. After that we started to walk to a waterfall where we could go swimming. Before that we had to drop off our tubes. Once we did that, we started the climb. It was long and steep but we made it, and the water felt so good.

We swam around for 20 minutes, and then we started the walk back. While we were walking back we saw lots of cool things. The first thing we saw was a snake called a racer snake and it was super cool. After that we saw a plant that can cut human skin, and that was kinda crazy. Then as we got close to the end we ate termites and jackass bitters. We were happy to not have to walk anymore and to eat lunch.

For lunch we ate BBQ chicken, Belizean rice and beans and some of the best pineapple you will ever taste. In Belize they grow fresh pineapple and it was from the farmers market only a few days before.

After we finished lunch we went to the chocolate store and ate some delicious ice cream on the way back to the resort and I thought that it was one of the best days of my life.






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