Laughing Bird Caye dive

Yesterday in Belize we went snorkeling in Laughing Bird Caye. In the morning we had breakfast then we left to get dropped of at the boat. Once we got to the boat we left immediately because it was almost 2 hours until we would get there.

Once we left we played cards and looked around the boat. At the front of the boat was a bean bag that all of us wanted to lie on. A little while later Theo fell asleep and he was so annoying. We kept yelling at each other because he was hogging the bean bag.

Once we got there we got right into it. Right after we got in we saw a barracuda after that we saw a Nurse Shark. Once we got further out we started to see fish like parrot fish and many others. Once we got back we had lunch, Theo and Amelia fell asleep so me my mom and dad went on the second dive on are own. On our second dive we saw lobster and different coral. Also I touched the sandy bottom. After all this fun we got back on the boat, and headed home.

After we got back from the boat ride we ate ice cream. Mine was chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream. After that we came back to the resort where we ordered room service and watched Enola Holmes 2. It was great.






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