Zip lining In Belize

Zip lining was one of the many things we did in Belize. Once we left the resort it was 45 minutes to the zip lining park. After we got there we had to wait for another group to finish. While we were waiting for the group to finish I got really scared and didn’t want to go. Then my dad convinced me to do the zip line course.

Once we got up to the platform I felt better because the guide was going to help me. Me and the guide were the last to go. Once I got of the platform I remembered how much i loved zip lining. On the second line he went with me again. After that I was super confident. After that we had to walk a little bit to get to a small zip line we’re I went on my own.

6 of the zip lines were over a beautiful canyon. The view you got while zip lining was amazing you could see everything from up there. On the fourth zip line I went on my own and it was exhilarating. the wind blowing your hair. For the rest of the zip lines I went on my own in the end it was really fun.






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