Pokemon League Cup: Montasy Comics (12/17)

The format for the cup was best of 1, thirty minute rounds. Best of one impacts how to play by really emphasizing first game setup. If key cards are prized, then there’s a good chance the match is lost before the first turn plays out.

Round 1:
Played against – Alakazam with Mimukyu

This match up is favored for my opponent because their cards prevent me from attacking. My opponent went first.

On their first turn, my opponent benched an Abra and attached a psychic energy to it. On my first turn I had an almost perfect turn, but i missed the attack because I had no way to put my attacker in the active position. My opponent then promoted the Pokemon which had the ability to prevent my Pokemon from attacking.

I needed to find a path to remove my opponent’s active Pokemon, but it wasn’t going to be easy. It was made harder because many of my options to remove the Pokemon were in my prize cards.

After 2 turns of being unable to remove my opponent’s active Pokemon, my opponent setup an attacker from their bench which allowed them to win the match.

0-1 for the Cup; 3/5 rating for my own play though I didn’t have many options available to me.

Round 2:
Played against – Quackavol Pidgeot

This was probably my opponent’s first Pokemon match ever. I won easily, but I’m always happy to get to play against new people to the game. It wasn’t that long ago that that was me.

1-1 for the Cup; 3/5 rating for my own play

Round 3:
Played against – Miraidon (mirror)

My opponent went first, and got a good start. He setup his board for a turn two attack. I had a perfect start where I got a turn one attack for 2 prize cards!

On my opponent’s second turn they couldn’t find the necessary energy to attack but they played a supporter that disrupted my hand, and I drew nothing that I needed.

On my next turn, I attached an energy to a second attacker in case my main one got K.O. then I attacked for another 2 prize knockout. It was now 2 – 6 in my favor.

Unfortunately, on my opponent’s next turn, he took a knockout and setup a good board state. The prize card score was now 2-4.

On my next two turns I couldn’t setup another attacker and had to pass. My opponent took a 2 prize knockout each time, and won the game.

1-2 for the Cup; 2/5 rating for my own play

Round 4:
Played against – Meowscaratta Lost Box deck

My opponent went first, and wasn’t able to setup a competitive game state.

On my first turn, I setup an Iron Hands EX, and proceeded to take two prize cards on back-to-back turns. After 2 turns, the prize cards were 2 – 6 in my favor.

On my opponent’s next turn, he evolved into a Meowscaratta EX, and it took me two turns to knock it out. Once I knocked it out, I won the game.

2-2 for the Cup; 4/5 rating for my own play

Round 5:
Played against – Gardevior

My opponent went first, and got a good start. I then made a risky decision on my turn and didn’t get an attack off. I still think it was the right idea.

Since I couldn’t attack, my opponent setup his board, but didn’t attack. It was still 6-6 in prize cards at this point.

On my second turn, I got an attack off and took 1 prize card (plus I put Path to the Peak in play). The prizes were now 5-6 in my favor.

My opponent was able to bump my path and take a 2 prize knockout. He would continue to take back to back knockouts and win the game.

Once he had the advantage on Prize Cards, there was no chance for me to win because my deck is all 2-prize card attackers and his is 1-prize card attackers. I had no chance to take the lead in prize cards.

2-3 for the Cup; 2/5 rating for my own play

Today I went 2-3, and I averaged a 2 in my play out of 5. If I could do one thing differently it would be introducing a disruption card into my deck so I could randomize my opponents.






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