Snorkeling and Sailing in Belize!

It was April 11th, 2023, and the whole family was super excited to go Snorkeling and only mama was excited about sailing. We all got up early so we could eat breakfast and get ready to go. Everyone got their food and it was really fast that day! I was not doing so good, I felt horrible and really just wanted to go back to the room and sleep. But dad wouldn’t let me, so instead I roughed it out.

We all finished breakfast and got ready for the shuttle to come and get us. Mama thought that the Company was going to pick us up but she was wrong, so we had to call the resort people and they had to come back to get us. But luckily it only took like 5 min for the shuttle to come.

We finally got to the Pier and they were waiting for us, but we weren’t too late which was good. We got out of the dock and we were out on the ocean! It was a very sunny and hot day so mama wanted us to wear a lot of sun screen, but the sun was too strong and we all got burnt anyway. After about an hour and forty-five minutes we anchored at Laughing Bird Caye, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

We got on land and went over the Park rules and got ready to go Snorkeling! We were all SUPER excited! We got in and started, and we saw SO many fishlike Barracuda and super colorful fish. We even saw a Nurse Shark, it didn’t come out fully but you could see it under the Coral. We came back in and ate delicious food. There was BBQ chicken, Pork, Shrimp, and salad! We didn’t catch any fish so we didn’t have any for lunch.

Theo and I had a nap while everyone else was packing up and finishing their food. Luka, Dad, and Mama went for a second snorkel while me and Theo kept napping. We got back on the small boat and went to the big boat and met the others on the boat. We all went to the front of the boat and fell asleep, everyone except mama and dada.

We woke up about an hour and a half later and enjoyed the beautiful view ahead of us. When we got back Theo was SO hot that we walked to an ice cream shop and the shuttle came and picked us up from there. We got back to the house and we all chilled for the rest of the night

The End

Belize Spring Break Day 1 & 2

First things first, we had an awesome spring break! We went to Belize and had a blast! We have been moving a lot considering our house isn’t done yet (hopefully soon). We have been staying at 284 Prospect Park West and figuring it all out one step at a time.

We had an early-ish flight 9am at Newark but we had to get there 2 hours early because it was an international flight and that was just the rule. So everyone but me packed up the car (I was at gymnastics) so that was all done when I got home. We all set our alarms for 5:30, but the boys (Luka and dada) got up at 5 and turned the TV on. They were so loud no one could sleep. So I got up around 5:10 and was dressed and situated by 5:30 which was great, but we still had Mommy and Theo to get ready. Mommy was fine she was easy but Theo is NOT an early riser. So we did end up leaving the house around 5:50am and were driving by 6am perfectly on time.

We got to the Parking place around 6:45 and were at the airport and through security by 7:25. We sat down at this place we usually get food but today it was SO slow, they took 45 min to get drinks and an 1hr to get food. At that point we had 20 min to eat and get to our gate and we cut it close. But luckily we were there just as our group was boarding. We got on and we were all good!

As soon as I was comfy I fell asleep on dada I was asleep for 3:30 hours! I missed food drinks everything but man was I tired! An hour later we got off the plane and had to do these Immigration forms and we had only done one because that’s what the flight attendant told us we had to do. But of course at the very end we had to fill out 4 more in 15min and Dada was almost left behind. We were next and he ran and walked with us to the officer. We were all clear to go and then Luka had a horrible headache and Mama took out a Tylenol and Daddy got mad because he didn’t want to get kicked out, Luka tried to swallow it without water and he spit it out. We finally got out of security and we got some drinks and our next flight tickets. We got through security again and were sitting down to get ready for our next flight. We got in line and got on the plane. It was a goodish flight, a bit bumpy but very beautiful and fun!

We landed and our hotel bus came and got us. We checked in and they got us set up with the awesome house! We were right on the beach! There’s a pool at our house, so we got our swim suits on and got in the pool it was so hot so it was nice to cool off for a bit. We had a reservation so we took a shower and went to dinner. There was a wedding going on so the food was very slow. We went to bed and woke up in the morning and went to breakfast.

I had a delicious smoothie bowl and fruit drink but that wasn’t as good. We were a bit late to the tour guide but he didn’t mind. We got on the road and drove to the Maya stores, we went back to them later. We first stopped to see these awesome plants. One was a natural antibiotic, you would dry the leaf and crush it and when you would get a cut you could put that on your cut and it would heal it. Then we saw a plant that would curl when you would touch that leaf, as protection. We got back in the van and our next stop was these hanging nests, these birds would make awesome nests that hang from the tree to lay their eggs in. And the nests could last 2 mating seasons.

Our next stop was a plane wreck! Dr. Alan who was a man who was researching Jaguars, would put collars on the Jaguars and he could track them. One day the pilot said that it wasn’t really safe to fly but Dr. Alan convinced him and they went up, it was going smooth but then the weather started taking a turn for the worst. The wind was just too strong and they ran into a tree and had a horrible crash. Luckily no one was too badly injured.

After that we kept going and made it to the Cockscomb basin, where that trail was. We grabbed our tubes and life jackets and started walking, we stopped to see these awesome leaf cutter ants, and right after that we saw a “tourist tree” the guide (Ian) related it to a white man who got a bad sun burn, that made Theo laugh. We kept walking to see a tapir walking trail, a lot of people,see him but not today. We kept walking and we stopped to see “Horse Balls”, Ian said what do these look like to you and I said nothing just the look on my face gave it away, and indeed they looked like balls. We didn’t eat them but there was this glue type thing in them that we touched and it was better than Elmer’s glue but not as good as gorilla glue. We kept walking and finally got to the river and sat in our tubes and went off. It was a pretty chill river day so nothing too extreme but still very fun! Theo got stuck more than once and Daddy was always left behind because he was holding everything so he was the heaviest. It was about an hour in the water and then we got out ate a snack and kept going.

We left our stuff and the “station point” and walked to the waterfall, and man was it steep. We got there 25 minutes later and we got to go under the water fall which was amazing! We took a lot of photos. We had a good 30 min there and then walked back, Luka threw up and Dada wanted to see a tarantula so Ian picked up a stick and went digging but thankfully he wasn’t home. We kept walking and bam there was a Razor snake, not venomous but very cool. We got our tubes and walked up to a termites home, we ate termites! I was scared at first but then I built up the courage and it wasn’t too bad. We kept going and we stopped for the worst tasting thing ever Jackass Bitter, it was SO bitter and disgusting, it’s meant to help diarrhea, it was mainly for Luka who had been throwing up a lot but I tried it man it was horrible.

We finally arrived back at the parking lot and had lunch, rice and bean BBQ chicken and Pineapple to die for! Everything was Belizean style and it was very good. We packed up and got on the road we all laughed because Ian brought out a plant called Hot Lips and it had a funny meaning to the Mayan people. We drove down the road and got some Mayan Chocolate and Hot Chocolate mix, and some AMAZING ice cream! I got swirl of vanilla and chocolate! So good!

We drove back and we were all exhausted, but all LOVED it!

The End

My dog Eevee!

My dog’s name is Eevee she is a chocolate lab and so playful.

Eevee is a great dog she is sometimes annoying,but I still love her.My mom is getting sick of her,my dad is not sick of her and loves her.My brother Theo loves her he climbs and cuddles her all day long. My other brother Luka does not really do anything with Eevee.

Eevee is a kind dog does not bit,only licks.