Day 1: Belize (Jaguar Preserve)

First of all we had a great time. Let’s dive right in to my spring break.

A couple of days ago we landed in Belize and oh boy was it hot so when we got to it’z ana we got wet towels that smelled like lemon.

Another thing is I did tubing/ hiking it was so much fun. For some more details we saw cashews as babes. Then we went tubing it took roughly an hour then we hiked more to a waterfall and then we swam for thirty minutes and on our way back we ate termites yummy and jack ass bitter.

Then we got in a big van and I had a huge horse ball.

And on our way out me and my family got ice cream and chocolate and I got double dark chocolate. My ice cream was not good… it was delicious and I mean it. No joke

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