Return to roar

Return to roar

In return to roar it starts like this.

At the beginning of the book Arthur and Rose were at school. It was the day before a school break. Rose was handing out cupcakes to her classmates. While Rose was handing out the cupcakes she dropped them. Then the school bell rang. After school Arthur meet up with rose. “You were late you almost made mom and dad miss their train”. “ Rose why do you look so sad”, asked Arthur. “I dropped my cupcakes”.

Be exited we’re going to grandad’s house (Rose smile’s).

When they arrived at grandad’s house, their grandad helped them get their things into the house. “Be back by Sunday now go and explore”

Rose went through first and then I went through. I see Rose standing at the edge of the cliff. Let’s go to Win’s Cave. Okay let’s jump off are you crazy well be a splat. Scaredy-cat fine groaned Arthur I curled my toe’s around the cliff’s edge Rose jumps I waited for her head to pop up. Then I jumped (splash) my head pop’s up in an instance Rose and I walk to the shore it’s so hot our clothes dry in a matter of minutes . As we get to win’s cave (Arthur getting trapped) Arthur yelled win Arthur’s best friend in roar sorry the trap’s we’re for croaky (the evil guy) let me get you down from there (snap) Arthur was free. I’ll make a fire you guy’s go collect some fire wood. Okay we come back, and then Win started the fire. Rose and I pulled out the sleeping bags. We all snuggled up in our sleeping bags. Then we all pass out. Arthur wakes up “what’s in the box Arthur?” says croaky. In the morning Arthur tells Rose and Win that he saw Croaky.

Guys look on the side of Win’s cave it say’s “what’s in the box?“. I’m going to Mitches hut says Rose. (Rose whistled) Bad dragon landed so did Vlad. Arthur and Win got on Vlad and went to the crow’s nest. On the way to the crows nest they walked to a bridge when they were crossing the tide came and the middle was almost under water. When Arthur walked through the middle he got grabbed by a harry octopus. Arthur wiggled around trying to free himself from the octopuses grip. Arthur finally got out of the octopuses grip. And then they got to the crows nest. When they got the big gates the lost girls opened them. once they got inside the crows nest. They went up the stairs they passed by the girls dorm room then they went to Stella’s room.
Rose had Mitch’s tattoo book once they got to Stella’s room they started going through the tattoo book. There’s was one tattoo that lead to the box that had all of Arthur and Rose’s fear’s. This is what croaky was looking for. Win ripped the tattoo out of the book. While they were out on the porch a crow to the tattoo and brought it to Croaky. then they saw the raven and Croaky. Later on in the book the Alesha docked. At the vampire waterfall. And then Mitch went into the water to look for the box. She came in a couple minutes empty handed. And jumped In the hot tub. Later In the book they went to a deserted island were they found the box. When they arrived croaky was right they and he asked “what’s in the box, Rose”. Rose opens the box and six wolves come out and hattie came out and said “join my pack, Rose” rose said “no”. The wolves started chasing them they ran away into an ice cavern were they went down an ice tube. At the end of the cavern they went into an ice river. Hattie was right there and hattie grabbed Arthur as he jumped. Rose stretched out her arm to save him finally rose pulled him onto the ice platform. Then they go under an ice arch then they fell of a waterfall Arthur and rose ran across an ice plane. And stopped at a town. the next day hattie and Croaky came. Hattie stole rose Arthur sees Mitch and then they freeze All of the water around the Alesha then they climbed up at stole rose back. Then win steals a special shirt and throws it in the freezing cold water. Croaky dives for the shirt and dies

Sike to be continued


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